World Robot Conference 2015 jumpstarts innovation

The World Robot Conference, currently underway in Beijing, is expected to jumpstart robotic innovation in the world’s biggest robot market.

Dancing, music-playing and service offering robots are on display. They are mainly divided into three sections: industrial, service and specialized.

China’s market for domestic robots has been growing fast.

During the Single’s Day shopping spree earlier this month, a well-known Chinese robot company sold more than 100,000 vacuum-cleaning robots online, in one day.

As the supply of cheap labor dries up, Chinese manufacturers are gradually replacing manual labor with robots.

From 2009 to 2014, sales of industrial robots in China saw an yearly increase of nearly 60 percent.

The Chief Techonology Officer of Anzer Intelligent Engineering says China’s robot industry is not at the same quality as the foreign ones, but it is a very big market and is improving very fast.

According to official statistics, China is accounting for 56 percent of total robotics sales in 2014.

However, there are still considerable gaps between Chinese robot R&D and the world’s cutting edge technologies — which is why China is incorporating robotics into its five-year development plan for 2016-2020.

Officials say the plan will be market-oriented and innovation-driven, with emphasis on next-generation robots and service robots.

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