Worst cold spell in 10 years hits Taiwan

A strong cold front chilled Taiwan from Saturday and brought snow to some mountainous areas during the weekend.

The cold air caused temperatures to drop from Saturday to Monday to lowest level in more than a decade in most parts of Taiwan.

Take Taipei for example, the cold air sent temperatures down to 4 degrees Celsius Sunday morning, the lowest level in 43 years.

To many people’s surprise, snow visited many mountainous areas in the northern part of the island, including Yangming Mountain in the northern suburb of Taipei, attracting many people to go uphill to witness the rare sight.

“It’s rarely seen. This is the first time I see the snow. I am very glad.”

SOUNDBITE(CHINESE): Indian visitor:
“We are glad to see snow in Yangming Mountain. It’s the first time for me.”

The authority forecast that the temperature in Taipei may fall to 3 degrees early Monday, comparing with an average winter temperature of around 16 degrees.

It has issued warnings for low temperatures and heavy rain across Taiwan, urging the public to take precautions and keep warm before the cold wave leaves the island early Tuesday.

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