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Calling all #coffeelovers, your next cup of coffee could soon be made by a robotic barista.

Crown Coffee has 4 manned cafes in Singapore and CEO Keith Tan, has plans to set up a fully autonomous outlet run by their robotic barista, Ella.

Ella is a 6-axis robot that is a cafe owner’s dream worker. It can brew coffee faster than any human, and can work every day, solving issues with manpower shortage.

Recently, Ella was put to the test at the
Standard Chartered Marathon, where it made 200 cups in an hour! Talk about #coffeerun.

OCBC is also using a home and renovation loan chatbot, Emma, to handle customer queries.

Pranav Seth, OCBC’s head of e-business, explains to Money Mind that the artificial intelligence-powered bot has brought in hundreds of millions of home loan sales since 2017.

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