Xi reviews armed forces at Tian’anmen Square for first time

China’s top leader Xi Jinping reviewed armed forces for the first time at the Tian’anmen Square in central Beijing on Thursday morning.
The event was to mark the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II.
Standing in a black open-roof limousine, President Xi, also chairman of the Central Military Commission, was greeted by Song Pu, commander-in-chief of the full-dress military parade.
Song reported: “Comrade chairman, the reviewing troops are ready. please review!”
Amid army songs played by a military band, the home-made Red Flag limo drove eastward along Chang’an Avenue, where Xi inspected 11 foot formations and 27 armament formations.
Wearing a high-collared Mao suit, Xi repeated salutes through microphone: “Salute to you, comrades!” and “Comrades, thanks for your hard work!” The soldiers loudly replied: “Hail to you chief!” and “Serve the people!”
“Follow the Party! Fight to win! Forge exemplary conduct!” the servicemen and women saluted Xi and exclaimed.

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