Xinhua Editor-in-Chief in Argentina to beef up co-op with Senate

With a No. 10 jersey of the national team’s captain for visiting Editor-in-Chief He Ping of China’s official Xinhua News Agency, Argentinean Vice President and Senate Head Amado Boudou expressed the warmth and hospitality of the second largest soccer nation in Latin America.

During the meeting on Nov. 13 in capital city Buenos Aires, He Ping in return presented a classic porcelain plate as gift for Boudou to celebrate his upcoming birthday.

Amid frankness and friendliness, He Ping briefed Boudou about China’s recent development and future aims.

(Soundbite) He Ping, Editor-in-Chief of Xinhua News Agency
“China’s economy maintains consistent and stable growth. We have a 6.9% growth rate for the first three quarters of this year, which is a relatively high speed in world perspective. I think it helps stabilize the world economy.”

He Ping’s two-day visit trailed the signing of a cooperative agreement between Xinhua and the Senate in July for information exchange and enhancement of mutual understanding.

Xinhua’s nearly 40-year presence in Argentina has already borne rich fruits, as can be seen from the LED screen in downtown Buenos Aires that displays Xinhua news updates and information 24 hours a day.

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