Xinhua launches social network accounts in Spanish

China’s Xinhua News Agency officially launched its Spanish accounts on social networks Twitter, Facebook and Youtube on August 1 in Mexico City.

(Soundbite) Carla Sanchez Armas,
Director of International Media of the Presidency of Mexico
“Undoubtedly, the social media now undertakes a very important task to spread the strong ties between Mexico and China. In this effort the agency has played an important role. It is very important for us to be here for the inauguration.”

As China strengthens cooperation with Latin American countries, Xinhua tries to offer news and information through its Spanish accounts on social media to help Spanish speakers to know more about China, Latin America and the world.

(Soundbite) Wang Jinye, Director of Xinhua for Latin America
“Our social network services will help deepen the friendship and promote the communication between peoples of China and Mexico as well as Latin America.”
The Spanish accounts of Xinhua will mainly focus on Chinese news, international news related to China and important international events, especially those in Latin America.

(Soundbtie) Qiu Xiaoqi, Chinese Ambassador to Mexico
“In recent years, the relations between China and Latin America as well as China and Mexico have been in rapid development. In this context, the launch of the Spanish social network accounts will play a positive role in improving the understanding between the two countries and the two peoples.”

Founded in 1931, Xinhua is China’s largest news agency and is now among the top five news agencies of the world.

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