Xinhua reporter reviews debates about Rio Olympics and reveals truth behind

With one month to go, Rio de Janeiro is fully occupied with the preparation for the Olympic and Paralymic Games to be held for the first time in South America from August to September.
Besides a somewhat crippling interim government, the public cast much doubt about the delayed construction of sports venues, the under-budget security, the rampant Zika virus, as well as the pollution of water game locations.
Xinhua sports writer Ji Ye has worked in Rio for over two years. His recent inspection of the related places may help you get a better understanding of the truth behind.

(Soundbite) Ji Ye, Xinhua Sports Writer in Rio
“Construction work on Rio’s Olympic Park has reached 99% completion. 5 of 9 venues at the park are ready. Media facilities and the Olympic Park hotel are ready. However some constructions are still undergoing. Laborers are still completing work on the velodrome, a warm-up pool at the Maria Lenk Aquatic centre, two tennis courts and access ramps at Olympic Arena.”

More than 500,000 tourists and over 10,000 athletes are expected to come to Rio soon.
To protect them from threats, a security force of 85,000 police and military staff will be deployed on streets and in venues, two times bigger than the London Olympics.

(Soundbite) Ji Ye, Xinhua Sports Writer in Rio
“As the state of Rio is currently trapped in financial crisis, Brazil’s federal government has also agreed to provide the state of Rio with 850 million U.S. dollars in emergency funds to guarantee security of the Olympic Games. However, due to the favela and robbery crime, people come to Rio have to pay special attention to personal security.”

Zika virus, which causes cerebral deficiency in baby due to infected mother, has drawn wide concern. Organizers and medical authorities have said that Zika cases in Rio have dropped sharply in recent weeks and will fall to almost zero during the dry winter months of the Games.

(Soundbite) Ji Ye, Xinhua Sports Writer in Rio
“The CEO of Rio organizing committee Sydney Levy also pointed out that there were too many people outside of Brazil talking about Zika, (with) too many negative comments. He said it was good for them to hear other voices.”

Outdoor water games will be held at Beach Copacabana, Lagoon Rodrigo de Freitas and Bay Guanabara.
Rio’s ability to manage such locations for sports purposes is widely debated by media as well as professionals.

(Soundbite) Ji Ye, Xinhua Sports Writer in Rio
“Rio has “failed” on its promise to clean 80% of water pollution by the Olympics, but Rio organizing committee CEO Sydney Levy said 4 of 5 sites on the Guanabara Bay are tested daily for bacteria and will not pose any problems and left open the possibility of moving the other.”

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