XinJiang Culture Week unveils in Madrid

2015 XinJiang Culture Week kicked off at the Chinese Cultural Center in Spain’s capital Madrid Wednesday, introducing people the beauty and charm of Northwest China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.

Traditional Xinjiang dances and songs were presented during the opening ceremony.

Officials and delegations from both China and Spain were present at the event.

SOUNDBITE(CHINESE): XU RUIJUN, Cultural official from Xinjiang

“The most important part of Xinjiang is its culture, the fact this land has many different ethnic groups which has given us a multifaceted cultures with surprising diversity. It is a pleasure for me to have been able to bring a demonstration of this diverse and charming culture to Spain. I think it is a good chance for the Spanish to know Chinese culture better.”

Located in Northwest of China, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region covers over 1.6 million square kilometers and borders with about 8 countries including Russia, Mongolia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.

Xinjiang is also home to a number of ethnic groups with diversified cultures.

With its picturesque natural scenery and richness of multicultrualism, Xinjiang is often noted as one of the most must-see places in China.

A series of cultural events including photo exhibitions, lectures and seminars, feature films about Xinjiang will also be shown during the culture week.

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