Xinjiang teenagers’ football dream

In recent years, young footballers from China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region have obtained a series of awards at games both at home and abroad.

The young players are believed by many to be the future stars of Chinese football.

The students here come from different places of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, including Kashgar, Hotan and Turpan.

They have the same dream – to be a great football player.

Yibulaymu is from Kashgar. He became the star in local campus football league and was admitted into the Song Qingling Football School at the age of 12.

He is now dubbed “Sergio Aguero” of the school team.

YIBULAYMU, Young footballer
“I began to play football at seven. It’s already about seven or eight years till now. I like Cristiano Ronaldo. My dream is to play for my country’s football team and earn awards for my country. ”

Like Yibulaymu, Nabijan Muhmat is also a leader in the team. He is dubbed the team’s “Mesut Ozil”.

“I started to play football at nine. And my favorite football star is Ricardo Izecson Dos Santos Leite.I wish I could join a good club in the future and rush out of Asia games and go on the world stage with my team. That is my dream.”

And the local sports authorities have been making great efforts to support the youngsters’ dream.

Since 2011, teenager football games have been held regularly from which good players are selected and offered a chance to receive further training.

NASER TURSUN, Coach from Song Qingling Football School
“We selected young players according to their performance at school games. Our aim now is to won in the nation games in 2021. We have 6 years to prepare. In the 6 years, we would try our best to train the team.”

Now, Xinjiang has more than 1000 school football teams and more than 100 thousand young players who regularly take part in football games.

Urumqi and Kashgar were appointed as the national campus football cities where there are altogether 92 football demonstration schools in the two cities.

The No.5 Primary School in Urumqi is one of them.

JILIL WUPUR, Principal of No.5 Primary School in Urumqi
“I hope one day my students can join the national team and stand for China to play football. And they will be the pride of the country. That is my dream and our school’s dream.”

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