Xi’s journal gets favorable reviews at Peru book fair

A book named “Xi Jinping: The Governance of China”, which is a 500-page collection and overview of the Chinese leader’s speeches and interviews, received favorable comments at Lima’s 20th International Book Fair (FIL) on Sunday.
(Soundbite) Luis Zaldivar, Anthropologist
“My impression is that the book is well structured. The articles, or rather the speeches, are well selected. The most important thing is that it gives a clear vision about what the Chinese President wants for his country. It also talks about international relations which interests Peru.”

Luis Zaldivar and three other Peruvian professionals were invited to give their opinions about the book and the Chinese leader’s ideas to propel his country’s continuous development.
(Soundbite) Hernan Hurtado, Archaeologist
“All of today’s strategy has been channeled, deepened, reinforced and intensified by Xi Jinping in terms of culture. Prioritizing culture also involves the quality and the level of world discussion.”

In the Jose Maria Arguedas Room of the book fair, over 100 people intently followed the speakers who revealed their reviews of the book and their interests in China-Peru relations.

(Soundbite) Renzo Ibanez, Political Scientist
“Xi Jinping’s writings are important to the world as they show that continuity exists. I take advantage of this opportunity to highlight the paragraph The Reform and the Opening Policy only Depend on Present Progressive and Doesn’t Have a Present Perfect. This implies a great lesson to the world.”
Peru and China now enjoys a relationship at the level of comprehensive strategic partnership. China stood as Peru’s largest trade partner in 2014.

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