Yes or no, Rio packed with paraders over impeachment against Rousseff

Supporters and opponents in separate droves rushed to the main streets of Rio de Janeiro on April 17, while raucous debate and heated speech bustled up the lower house of Brazil’s Congress in the capital city Brasilia over the impeachment motion against President Dilma Rousseff.

Well, in the searing weather, easy chair might not be a bad choice.

(Soundbite) Romulo Costa, Opponent of Impeachment
“They are conducting a coup to take the nation from the hands of the president. It is commanded by the major corruptor of this country Eduardo Cunha (head of the lower house).”

Rio was divided between red and green, waiting for the stay or go of the president which hinged on a two-thirds majority voting by the 513 lawmakers either side.

(Soundbite) Andrea Mello, Supporter of Impeachment
“We do not want to live in another country. We want to live in another Brazil. If this requires the removal of President Dilma Rousseff, then so be it. What we want is a better country, a country we have conditions to live with dignity.”

A 65-member committee of the lower house submitted the motion over charges that Rousseff maneuvered the national budget to mend fiscal holes.
If the house pushes through the impeachment, it will be handed over to the Senate, where the president will receive her final fate in politics.

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