Young Chinese competitors aim for gold medals at WSC

Young Chinese competitors aim for gold medals at WSC

Thirty-two Chinese contestants born in the 1990s competed with their peers from other countries in 29 categories on August 14 at the 43rd World Skills Competition (WSC), aiming to harvest the first batch of WSC gold medals for their country.

(Soundbite) Zhang Lixin, Head of Chinese Delegation
“We have been performing well in five or six categories, including welding and hair beautification, of which we once won silver medals. We still enjoy advantage in digital machine operation, printing and air-conditioning. We aim for gold medals.”

For the week-long event opening on August 11 in Brazil’s largest city Sao Paulo, the Chinese competitors were determined to upgrade the record of China’s participation in WSC with their qualified performance.
Hair beautification.
Operation of digital machine.
And graphic design.
As the contest entered its fourth day, the Chinese participants obviously outperformed their competitors and stepped closer to realizing their gold medal plan.
China made its debut at WSC in 2011 and its best achievements were silver medals so far.
Sponsored by the World Skills Organization, WSC began in 1950, and has been held every two years.

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