Young Chinese girl suffers bullying in school

A horrible case of school bullying occurred at a school in Yulin, Shaanxi Province, recently. Video footage has gone viral online after it was published on March 30. The footage shows that around ten students beat up a girl for five minutes. The girl was slapped and even kicked over ten times by abusers on roller skates. Several other viewers did not move to stop the abusers.
Local police officers, along with the county’s education bureau, launched an investigation into the case. According to the investigation, the brutal students are in their first grade at Yuanzhu junior high school. All students who got involved in the bullying case have been identified. Those responsible will be seriously punished based on the outcome of the case.
School bullying issues have been happened frequently in China for the past few years. The bullying that occurred in Shaanxi Province was not a single case, but indicates a large number of student violence in the country.
Yuan Guiren, the Minster of Education, said the safety of students is the most important issue, especially when it is linked to many school bullying, during the Two Sessions (NPC and CPPCC) this year. Several representatives urged to issue the law of anti-school bullying. Rating systems on television programs, movies and network information have also been proposed, as teenagers may easily imitate the violent behavior they see.

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