Young Colombians rap against drug use and violence

Loss of leg may hinder Dani Renteria from walking around, but never cools his zeal to rap against drug use and violence, which have turned his hometown Buenaventura into the most dangerous city in western Colombia.

(Soundbite)John Riascos, Foundation of Tura Hip-Hop
“During the past 15 years, we have seen many young people fall prey to drugs or victimized by murderous bullets. We set up the foundation to tell young people that there are other opportunities. By rapping about progressive topics, we expect to help build a better society.”

Members of the Foundation of Tura Hip-Hop compose songs to perform in the streets to encourage children to learn more about art and crafts rather than using drugs and weapons.

(Soundbite) Esneider Tavarez, Foundation of Tura Hip-Hop
“People want to share with each other and teach one another in this situation. I feel it difficult to satisfy their thirst for knowledge. Everything I hear, I absorb it for rapping. I’ve been here for six years and for me it seems that with little time I have learned more.”

With 400,000 inhabitants and 80 percent of African descent, Buenaventura is the most important seaport of Colombia, but ravaged by corruption, drugs and organized violence for years.

As intended by the Foundation of Tura Hip-Hop, educative rapping can play its role in helping Buenaventura live through its sad episodes soon and its youth have normal life and career.

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