Young foreign filmmakers depict life in China

Looking China Youth Film Project:Young foreign filmmakers depict life in China
The Looking China International Youth Film Project opened in Beijing Normal University on Thursday. The project invites young international students to perceive China through their eyes and experiences. By using their own cameras and producing original videos, they are able to explain and promote Chinese culture in their own way.
Now in its sixth year, the annual project gives foreign students from 25 countries across five continents the opportunity to direct 10-minute documentaries about the culture and customs of selected Chinese cities with the help of local peers.
Themes vary from the traditional operas, the intricate embroidery and silver headpieces of the Miao ethnic people in south-western China to the exotic songs and dances of Xinjiang in the west. The participants were sent to different cities to find and film their own Chinese story.
Professor Huang Huilin founded Looking China in 2011. She insisted that a 17-day visit and a 10-minute film are the only restrictions for the young artists.
Over the past six years, the project has attracted 300 foreign students, and some of their works have won a range of international prizes. The best productions will receive the 2016 Looking China Golden Lenses Awards from the Academy for International Communication of Chinese Culture. The winners will be announced in November.

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