Zacatecas Mezcal Fair aims to give the world a new taste

Made from the same blue agave which produces tequila, the mezcal from the Mexican state of Zacatecas is gaining ground among aficionados. The traditional process gives it a different flavor and bouquet from traditional mezcal, and sets it apart from the well-known, mass-produced tequila.
(Soundbite, Spanish) Jose Chavez, mezcal taster
“It is the same as the agave used to make tequila in Jalisco.”
Thanks to its 100 percent organic origin, mezcal does not cause the same strong hangovers as other drinks the day after.
(Soundbite, Spanish) María del Refugio Cortes, producer of mezcal
“A mezcal that is fermented with yeast, fermented naturally, will guarantee that this does not give you a hangover”.
Tourists from all over the country have come to Zacatecas’ first mezcal fair, which has become a reference for the production of the drink. There, they can enjoy the craftsmanship of mezcal and others products, like syrup and honey, which are popularly used in haute cuisine.
The centuries-old tradition of distilling mezcal from the agave has given rise to numerous companies, which now export mezcal around the world, including Germany, the US, and even Asia.

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