Zoo staff save bear cub trapped by manhole cover

A visitor to a zoo in north China’s port city of Tianjin spotted a little bear’s paws stuck in a manhole cover on Monday. After watching the bear cub trying to free his paws unsuccessfully,the visitor informed the authorities. Police,firefighters, zoo staff and veterinarians were quickly on the scene. Zoo staff advised firefighters not to get too close to the bear in case they scared the trapped animal and made the situation worse.
Zoo staff then injected anesthetics into the bear with a dart,and about 10 minutes later, the bear was asleep. In a race against time, while the bear slept, staff were able to pry open the cover with crowbars rescuing the bear. They also checked its paws,finding no injuries. Finally zoo staff inspected every corner of the zoo’s bear enclosure and repaired any places where the bear’s paws could get easily stuck in the future. All this had to be done before the anaesthetized bear woke up an hour later.

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