Step inside tomb of Egyptian best-known queen Nefertari

Located in Luxor, a heritage-rich city in southern part of Egypt, the Valley of the Queens is famous for the lavishly decorated tomb of Nefertari.
Living in the 13th century B.C., Nefertari is the wife of ancient Egypt’s Pharaoh Ramesses II and one of the best-known Egyptian queens next to Cleopatra.
Discovered in 1904, Nefertari’s tomb once held the mummified body and representative symbolisms of her.
Now what remains in the tomb are vivid mural paintings depicting Nefertari’s life and death.
The best-preserved paintings feature the ancient Egyptian’s journey towards the afterlife in great detail.
The tomb Queen Nefertari was re-opened in 2016 for public visits after years of restoration.

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